Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This Week's Menu

Hey Nik,

You asked a little while ago about our menu plan. On Monday the husband and I take the time to plan out every meal for the next week, so we plan Tuesday to Monday (that's what the squiggle between Monday and Tuesday represents, below). We make it part of our opening for Family Home Evening, which works well since Baby Girl sleeps right through it, but we'll probably have to adjust that method as time goes on. I make the husband participate because it's so much easier to come up with a variety of ideas with two of us working on it. And we use it as a mini-planning session. (You'll note the husband has scouts on Wednesday, so I marked that down so I'd realize we needed to have something quicker that night.)

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I am such a meal planning convert! We make our plan as realistic as possible. Lunch is usually left-overs or sandwiches. I know there are menus out there that plan just for dinner or they plan something different for each meal. Those don't work in real life! It would work if we only ate one meal a day, but we prefer three around these parts.This meal plan is as real as it gets, even where I decided we couldn't have burritos for dinner and breakfast burritos the next morning, so I swapped things.

People love menus because it helps them save money and use what they have, but I plan out our week because it helps the husband know what to expect. That way, if I'm busy doing something else, he can look at the menu and get a meal started. Before he would be paralyzed wondering something like, "Is she saving this green pepper for something else, or can I make fajitas?" Not that I ever got frustrated with my planned, but not articulated, ideas for food for the next few days.... It also helps us in the other ways, too. About a month ago I was wondering why we were eating out so often. Well, duh! We hadn't planned out that week and when dinner time rolled around, I was lost.

Would you want to have our menu each week? We plan it anyway, so if you'd like to see it, let me know!

Yours in eating,

PS- I'm linking it up here on Menu Plan Monday.

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  1. It is always great to find a routine or plan that works for you. I am one of those that only plans the supper meal since daughter, 14, eats at summer school and hubby eats out lunch on his work each day. While we do like to eat three meals around here too, I don't feel the need to plan for my breakfast or lunch since I just grab some thing from the fridge (left over, sandwich, soup).