Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm really surprised you didn't plan your trip a week later so you could have enjoyed Summerfest with us! I know art and patchouli are 2 of you favorite things - along with the Chaco wearers of course! You'll be happy to know one of your favorite artists, Larry Winborg, was the 2011 artist of the year. Some of my other favorites were Just Joshin' (although my favorite of his--the Aggie Bull ones aren't on his site), Fallen Leaf Pottery (again my favorite is not shown, but it is like the red tray except in yellow), and of course the Winborg Sisters (their art just makes me happy).

Once we were there we realized we had no cash, but somehow scrounge up $4 (amongst the 4 of us--without resorting to pan-handling) for a treat. Forbidden Fruit's caramel apples were $6 a piece, and the Kabob Shack had delicious looking strawberry kabobs drenched in chocolate, but they too were out of our $4 range. We settled for some Zepe's Italian Ice, which goes against my rule of not buying food you can get in your own hometown anytime when there are other choices. That's okay, because I should add "don't buy food you can make yourself for much less" because I scored strawberries for $.79/lb today and we can make our own kabobs tonight--oh yeah!

After all the inspiration at Summerfest, the boys and I (more I than the boys really) created this lovely tie for them to gift their dad in the morning. I'm sure he's going to love wearing it in public--but he will be required to wear it to church for the day. My Silhouette and I had a little hiccup, so the words didn't all fit on like I had planned. For the record--he is a running fool. Not a fool running

Did Millie come up with anything as AMAZING as that tie for her dad?

Happy Father's Day!

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