About Us

We are sisters from southern Idaho.  Our talented parents raised their four daughters on 5 acres with cows, chickens, and a welding shop. We're both married to grad students and living on a budget while trying to get out of school with as little debt (none?) as possible! It isn't easy, but we are attempting to make our houses into homes and stretching the dollar to take care of our little families. We like quality, pretty things at great prices!

Nikkala lives in northern Utah. She's sister #1 of the four. Nikkala is the queen of thoughtful gift giving. With her vast knowledge of plants and flowers, she grows a mean garden, along with "help" from three up-and-coming gardeners. With her touch, even supermarket bouquets look professional. She has a way of making everything she touches turn out great and look just right.

Deidra lives in Indiana. She is a classic middle child--coming in at sister #3, a wanna-be crunchy granola who loves canning, traveling, all things self-reliant and thinking she's a know-it-all. She made the transition from Aunt Deid (one of her favorite titles) to Mom in 2011, and added another kidlet to the family in early 2013.