Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Frozen Cupcakes


Thanks for sharing your menu. I'm really impressed you plan for all 3 meals every day. I try to figure out what we'll have for dinner a day in advance, but that's where my planning stops. And breakfast is usually a last minute decision.

We had a happy little accident yesterday. My boys sat up a lemonade stand and I made cupcakes to go with it. The only problem with cupcakes and a lemonade stand is that they get too hot and melt. So I put them in the freezer thinking that would at least delay the inevitable. What ended up happening was the cupcakes never made it out to the stand and we enjoyed frozen strawberry chocolate cheesecake cupcakes. They were as delicious as they sound!

I substituted strawberry freezer jam for the raspberry jam in the raspberry chocolate cheesecake cupcakes and froze the jam and Nutella layers before adding the frosting and then froze again.

I'm trying to decide if adding a blueberry to the top--giving us red, white, and blue will make them patriotic enough for the 4th. What do you think?

Enjoying a cupcake for you,

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  1. i think it sounds like a great 4th of July treat! why did i not get to try one of these the other night?