Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Between

Hey Nik,

It feels like I'm stuck in a place of in between. I've been in between feeling good and feeling miserable (hand, foot and mouth disease struck our house, with a bonus sinus infection for me). We're in between summer and fall. Between having enough tomatoes that something needs to be done, but not enough to make another batch of salsa. Between feeling motivated and lazing around just reading a few more chapters. Between the husband starting school again, but before things really get busy. Between wanting to do cloth diapers to save money and not caring about the cost of disposals because of the convenience. You should see all the random online shopping carts I've got open. I'd say being on the checkout page is somewhere in between being frugal and going for it.

This between state is a pretty boring place to be. I'm not in or out and there isn't really much to be said for it. I'm hoping the scales tip and I fall firmly into something soon. This waffling is getting old.


PS- Speaking of waffles, we had chocolate waffles for our anniversary a few weeks ago. The recipe reminds me a lot of pouring cake batter into a waffle iron. It's a good thing we eat oatmeal for breakfast so often that I don't feel too guilty eating chocolate waffles and ice cream for breakfast once a year! Mmm! I'd suggest it for a first day of school breakfast, but I think little ones might need better fuel than it for those big days.

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  1. I took the cloth diaper plunge when I was still naive enough to think it would be a piece of cake (late 2nd, early 3rd trimester). And, I have to say, for the most part it isn't all that bad. But, when my little babe goes on a 5 day hiatus, I most definitely abandon all forms of fabric and enjoy what little benefits paper gives in those drastic situations. I would highly recommend waiting until they start solids, and "it" hopefully gets more solid too. I also love the BG4.0's over the prefold diapers that I tried. However, nothing is more convenient than paper...