Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Ice Cream Bucket

Hey Nik,

How many empty gallon ice cream buckets do you have floating around your house? I think we've got three. I can only think of one time we've bought ice cream in a plastic gallon container here, so I must have taken some from Mom's house.

Today I've used an ice cream bucket to water some new day lily starts, soak a poopie onesie, and catch some scraps to go out to our compost bin (not all the same bucket). Ice cream buckets are great for harvesting produce. Hook it to your belt for picking raspberries like at Mom's house, or pile in the tomatoes or peppers. I fill one up with soapy water when I'm scrubbing walls, and they are our go-to "sick bucket." I know Mom uses a square one to store her whole wheat flour in the freezer.

I've decided every household should have one, or three, around. A new bride and groom initially might not appreciate it, but I think it would grow on them, don't you think? I could include a list of ideas on how to use it. Any other ones I'm missing?

...Okay, so I wouldn't actually give an ice cream bucket as a wedding present, but I think it's one of those things you just need around the house.


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