Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey Deid!

We wish you were here helping too! We've tackled a lot of projects--lots and lots of painting, put up board and batten, moved light switches, wired a light in the front room, textured the downstairs paneling, and painted the cabinets white. We're lucky to both have parents that are willing to help and show up with their spray guns, nail guns, and electrical know-how. There's still quite a bit to do--like build a dummy wall and paint a few more rooms. And even more that I wish we could do right now (like put hardware on the cabinets, install new light fixtures, and makeover the downstairs bathroom) but they will have to wait until the budget will allow.

With all our trips to the paint store, we've gathered quite a collection of paint chips and samples. I tried keeping the names of the paints we settled on written on a piece of paper. But that piece of paper was often misplaced, so I started snapping pictures of the paint can lid with my phone. Now I won't have to worry about where I put that paper in 6 months when I need to know what color our cabinets are, or what finish of paint we used in the boys room when it is time for touch ups. That's my helpful tip of the day!

If things go as planned the guest room won't still be pepto pink when you come to visit in October!


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