Thursday, June 16, 2011


We arrived home safe, sound and exhausted. We got home about 12:45 this morning, which means I slept in even later than I did when I was a lazy bum at your house. (I'm so embarrassed I won't even admit what time I greeted the day.) A full day of traveling can take it out of you!

We were greeted by a backyard of flickering lightening bugs (yay!). We got the essentials unloaded and hit the hay. This morning we finished unpacking the car. We had made a stop at IKEA before we left and had all those goods to unload. What are your favorite IKEA finds? We are partial to the dresser drawer organizers, shower curtain liners, and our drying rack. We bought some spice racks to use at book shelves for Baby Girl's growing collection (idea found here). I'm hoping it will be another IKEA favorite.

Our garden and yard are so overgrown. A nice friend mowed our lawn once while we were gone, but it still needed some bushwhacking today. Glad the husband took care of it, especially since we have a reel mower. The garden will need some intense weeding in the next few days, but at least the produce has been keeping pace with the weeds. I ate my first pea today! Can't wait until we start getting some tomatoes on. Our plants are pretty full of blossoms, so I know they're coming! And if not, maybe you could just ship some cookies my way. You should have enough to spare, right?

Well, we're headed off to bed. Real life hits again tomorrow and we should probably have some rest before it does. Thankfully we just have to survive one day before it's the weekend again!

Any fun weekend plans?

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