Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cookie Invasion

Deid, (should I say Charlie?),

We should clarify, Bonna was a "real" imaginary friend, while your Charlie was your shadow that seemed to go everywhere with you. I don't know which is stranger, my total imaginary friend, or that you talked to your shadow and still have your friend with you often!

You missed the great cookie takeover on Sunday. The husband decided to make cookies and it wasn't until the process was well underway that I realized I never told him to cut the recipe by a third. Our favorite recipe makes a ton of cookies and is easily third-ed. Without the warning, the husband decided to double the batch, to make sure we had enough cookies to freeze. Cookie dough was overflowing from the mixing bowl and he ended up using a pound and a half of butter along with large amounts of all the other ingredients. We ended up with plenty of cookies to freeze + 2 containers of dough went in the freezer + we sent cookies home with anyone who stopped by Sunday night, and still have a full cookie jar. It was ridiculous.

Our house seems so empty without your little family in it. It is amazing what a some rearranging can do for a space! I'm so glad I talked the husband into finally building new bookcases and that we got them finished in time for your arrival. Hopefully the office seemed bigger. We've been living here for over 3 years and keep putting off projects like that because we have had the we're going to buy a house and move mentality. Enough of that I say! We are living in the now. No more waiting--so what if we move, we can take it with us.

Eating a cookie for you!

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