Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Surviving Summer


Help! It's so hot here. I don't remember how to navigate weather like this. What do you eat for dinner when it's hot, besides popsicles? It feels like we just had stew and homemade bread weather. Now the stove is off-limits and there is no way in Hades--that would be my kitchen-- I'm turning on the oven. Anyone reading in, I'm taking suggestions. Please. Because I'm already sick of sandwiches and we've only had them for lunch today. (I still love my discovery of poppy seed dressing in chicken salad sandwiches. It's the perfect addition with grapes, apples and celery. Mmm!)

Sorry about boot camp. Sort of. I'm jealous. I've made peace with my postpartum body because, hello, it grew me a baby. But still, there are times I want all of my old clothes to fit like they used to. Boot camp would be good for me. So would eating less than three servings of ice cream a day. What? It was mother's day. I "deserved" it, right?! I've decided postpartum bodies have some redeeming qualities. At least when my belly is jiggly, my chest is big enough to compensate so my waist still looks proportionally right.

We bought peppers and tomato starts today. Salsa in the making! Maybe tonight when it cools off a few degrees we'll get them in the ground. I love playing in the dirt. Your boys like tomatoes on the patio. Easy access that way. Possums are nasty, but I don't think they eat plants. It's the bunnies and the squirrels you've got to beware of. Seriously, they make me want to curse. So much that sometimes I do. Like when they nibble my blueberry bushes to stems. Grr.

The husband is home from school today. Hooray for summer! Since it's so hot outside we're watching TV in the middle of the day. It feels so indulgent. We're getting caught up on The Voice. It's a good thing we both married husbands who get music. Maybe one day it will rub off on us? Probably not.

Wimpy in this weather,

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