Friday, May 13, 2011

Beat the Heat


Can it really be that hot? What are you going to do when July and August come? To beat the heat eat salads, grilled pizza, smoothies, and when it is really hot I recommend heading to DQ for a Mister Misty Slushie and calling that dinner.

Can I tell you how sore I am today? Like volleyball camp sore. All because of Boot Camp on Wednesday. I can't believe people pay money to hurt like this. I have to mentally prepare myself to go up or down the stairs and I'm afraid today's session did little to improve the problem.

Have you heard what Mom wants us to wear for family pictures? I started a Pinterest board of family photo ideas in case she hasn't decided yet. It looks like I'm drawn to bright colors or neutrals with lots of texture. But that "We're hanging on" Christmas card--so want to do that.

There's been a weird smell in our house and I think I finally figured out where it was coming from. Our last remaining fish, our algae eater Zuke? Yeah think he's been dead for a while. In my defense, it is hard to know with such a low maintenance fish that never seems to move in daylight. On Tuesday, one of the Joy School kid asked if he was dead. Of course I told him no because there was no way I was taking care of it with an audience. But yeah, he was very much dead. So before school on Thursday I made sure he had been properly disposed of. I'm pretty sure Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon was based on a plecostamus.  What do you think?

My Dudey must be missing you. Yesterday he asked if we could move closer to Indiana, so it wouldn't take so long to get to your house. Then he was worried his Joy School friends would be late when school was at our house and reconsidered. Now we are supposed to move just a little bit closer to Indiana, but not too far from Logan for his friends. And he keeps asking if we can buy Millie Moo more clothes. Are you putting him up to that? Specifically, a dress?

Suspiciously yours,

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  1. good luck on the boot camp!
    i did it once, loved it (even more when it was over)! i seriously have never, ever been that sore in my life!