Monday, May 16, 2011

Cool Down

Hey Nik,

Hope you survived your boot camp butt-kickin' this morning. Fun for you. How much longer does your sentence prize go? (Only 15 days until we fly home!)

So, it's 61 degrees in our house today and I'm wondering if maybe we should turn on the heat. I'm okay with the cool down, but you'd think the husband was going to freeze. Millie Moo is getting some more wears out of her pants and long sleeves, which makes me happy. I think instead of turning on the heat I'll just bake. I made biscuits yesterday to go with dinner. I can't remember the last time I made biscuits, and boy, are they good!

Our garden is all planted. Here's hoping to a successful crop. Exciting that you got a garden spot! I love how good gardening is for the soul. And I think it's equally good, if not more so, for your little guys. So many life lessons to be learned in the garden (like faith, patience, humility, reliance on the Lord, and work come to mind).

We were talking with some friends about building cabins/log houses last night. Remember the huge pile of wood shavings we had in the yard from when Mom and Dad build our house? And remember how I hid your glasses in the pile? I remember Mom and Dad being ticked and searching through the pile at dusk. Total needle in a haystack type situation. I am still left wondering how I got possession of your glasses. Blind girls like us don't go without them very often.

Oh man, I love that Dudey. You can tell him Millie Moo has plenty of dresses at this size, but I'll start sending requests when I find gaps in her wardrobe. We just got back from her one month pediatrician visit. She's up a pound since birth, but her weight gain has slowed in the past two weeks. She's all arms and legs. Maybe I'll have itty-bitty kids like you. Or maybe I'll start feeling even more like a milk cow and plump her up. Chubby babies are overrated, right?!

Happy Monday!

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