Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boot Camp Might Kill Me

Hey Deid,

Remember how I won that free session of bootcamp from the gym's March Madness Bracket Challenge? I'm still trying to decide if that really qualifies as a prize, since it is way more punishment than prize! Today was our hardest day yet and I left with legs and arms of jello. Lifting Boodle in to the car to come home almost did me in. Tomorrow should be a sore one. I'm now convinced the "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" saying came from bootcamp.

I'm itching to get my hands in some dirt and watch things grow in a garden, but alas, there is no garden for us. After our awful experience at the community garden last year--there was a rodent infestation and you know how I don't do rodents--I made the husband promise me we would have our own little piece of earth for a garden this year. But try as we might, it hasn't happened yet. Maybe this will be the year I become the expert in container gardening.

What's your favorite read in the blog world lately? My Reader seems to go in cycles. Does yours do this too? Sometimes it is full of money saving blogs, other times it is crafting blogs, and I've been on a home decor kick for too long and need some fresh reads.

Jealous of your house, but you can keep the possums!

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