Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Skeptic Convinced


Sometimes I find it humorous how skeptical I can be. I was skeptical of Breath Right strips, until I found a coupon for a free pack in the grocery store parking lot. Funny that they do what they claim, right?! That coupon saved my bacon some nights during pregnancy. And during delivery.

I've realized I was skeptical of cardinals, until I see them flying around our backyard. They really are red, just like they're depicted on scenic Christmas cards. Why did I think they wouldn't be? I think the state bird of Indiana just might be my new favorite. As if I used to have an old favorite bird...

I was skeptic of eBates. I'd seen it around, but thought it sounded too good to be true. Basically you get cash back for shopping at different websites. Well, a few weeks ago I got my first "big fat check." It was a whopping $3.52, but my on-line shopping hasn't been too frequent lately. I couldn't believe it worked. Plus I scored a Target gift card, and Target gift cards are one of my favorite things. Even if they end up going toward diapers. I still feel like the world [Target] is my oyster with a five dollar bulls-eye gift card in my wallet. I've tried lots of other point based shopping websites, but I'm favoring getting a check instead of points. (And it has a ton of websites that pay out, though sadly Amazon isn't one of them.)

I don't think I've had any good ideas lately. I'm proud when I remember what side I last fed on and what time that took place. My brain power all goes to thrilling things like that lately. Though when faced with a blow-out earlier this week and no husband home to help, I was amazed at how well I dealt with it. Even with towels in the laundry and bath stuff in disarray. It was one of those "capable mommy" moments. I've read lots of accounts from mommy bloggers about the difficulties of gracefully removing poopy onesies. Let's just say I'm a skeptic no more.


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  1. Hey! I was a skeptic about blue jays being THAT blue until I saw them at our bird feeders! And I'm so glad to know about eBates as well. And to know that blowouts can be handled with grace :)