Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Nights

Hey Deid,

School may be out for the summer, but the husband is teaching a class in Kaysville every Thursday and we still haven't figured out what we'll do during that time. Remember last time he taught, and the boys and I crashed your stake softball and dinner night every week? We could sure use that distraction again this summer. Last week we went down with him and I took the boys fishing at the botanical center pond and then we visited his grandma. She celebrated her 80th birthday on Sunday and still mows her own lawn (with a push mower)! I can't decide if we should make the weekly drive with him, or if we should stay home.

I've been using the Mr. Clean Bathroom Cleaner lately and love the smell of it. It has a really light smell that leaves my bathrooms smelling like a clean load of laundry (pretty sure its because of the lavender vanilla scent). Which is much improved from used-by-2-little-boys smell it commonly has going on.

Have I told you about the perfect location our garden is in? It is in the middle of a city block and is a grassy pasture with old trees, and rock piles that they used to keep horses in. And we'll even water with a little stream. All that is missing is a fort or tree house. It's the place little boys dreams are made of. Boodle had fun climbing on tree stumps, while Dudey had so much fun playing in the dirt and was covered head to toe when it was time to come home the other night.

Your birthday is in just a couple days, do you have big plans to celebrate?


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