Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Potluck Ideas


What do you take to potlucks? I think picnic and cook-out season is well underway (at least in our neck of the woods). We've been invited to two in the past week and I'm feeling pretty uninspired. We took a generic boxed "Suddenly Salad" type pasta salad to one and a bowl of baby carrots and ranch dressing to the other. Lame. But the funny thing is, I got several compliments on the pasta salad. I guess a sprig of fresh basil, plucked from my herb garden on the walk to the car, elevated it. Watermelon is on sale for Memorial Day. There's something awesome about plucking squares of watermelon from the serving bowl with your fingers. Even after you've had a whole plate full. I want to have a few easy and healthy go-to potluck recipes. And preferably quick, so when I realize the time after surfing blogs for too long (I can't be the only one with this problem) and only have a few minutes before we need to head out, I can still pull it together. Or maybe I should just work on my time management skills.

My kids will probably never even know corded or cordless house phones, let alone rotary dial. (I think I am an anomaly for my age having actually used a rotary phone at home.) Kids probably won't know how to read a map or manually roll up a car window. Technology changes so fast that we'll probably feel really old and outdated sooner than our parents did. Don't you think?

I'm going to say not too early for patriotic decorations. But my Easter eggs and little birdie? Probably a little too late for them to still be out.

I got Baby Girl a swimming suit at Gymboree yesterday. I used to say that I would be okay with putting my little girl in a bikini. I mean, I wore one as a toddler and I turned out marginally decent. But I swear that they are the skankiest things, even for infants and toddlers. Little tiny triangles and strings on babies?! It's outrageous. Baby Girl got a rash guard and skirted bottoms. Just about as much coverage as one can get. Too bad it's not on their website, but here it is on eBay. It makes me laugh that none of them on eBay are selling for less than $12.99 when everything at Gymboree is less than that during their sale. Funny how the world works.

Off to get ready for scouts. Last Pack Meeting before our summer break-- HOORAY!

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