Thursday, May 26, 2011

Green Gorilla


There's was a yucky storm that rolled through last night--leaving our cars covered in mud. Which to my boys is a really good thing since they LOVE the Green Gorilla car wash. It seems a little pricey for a car wash, but I do love their free vacuums and the complimentary dash wipes (that way I can spiffy up the inside while the outside is getting clean) and figure $8 isn't too bad for a 10 minute mini detail job on a car. Plus the whole experience is worth $8 to my boys--the "octopus" is their favorite part and I actually use the car wash as a bribe for them. Wow, we really need to get out more.

The husband has been the designated waffle maker for years in our house. Somehow mine never turn out as good. I even tried again this morning--with the same recipe he uses. It may take him 3 times as long and he dirties 3 times as many dishes, but he makes some mean waffles. Do you know the secret to a good waffle?

The Pinterest app? Love it! I think I like it better than the actual site in fact. Except that I haven't figured out how to change the notes in re-pins, but that I can live with.

We looked at yet another house this week, the husband was ready to make an offer but I wasn't so set on it. He loved the location and lot, while I was not a fan of the floorplan. Sigh.

Kisses for Millie Moo

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