Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Minute


It feels like I'm just keeping my head above water right now. Last week we had four tornado warnings in one day. The wailing of tornado sirens really wears on the nerves. I'd try to keep calm and not think about what we'd do if one hit down. It made me glad that I'm not a news watcher. The few scenes from last week I have seen are lodged in my brain. The whole experience zapped my energy. We're trying to get our house & garden ready for us to leave it, starting to pack and trying not to forget any essentials (plus trying to fit everything in two carry-ons. Darn my self-imposed carry-on policy now that we have a baby), and then trying to get Cub Scout day camp forms collected with the checks so I can mail them off in time. I feel like I'm trying to herd cats on the last one.

Any good tips for flying with an infant? She's such a good and happy baby that I feel a little bit better about the whole idea. But then again, we don't really know what to do with her when she gets mad or upset. I'm hoping our third seatmate is a caring and compassionate person who is okay with me nursing right at their elbow. Baby Girl is stinking cute, so that has to help our cause,  right? I think myself a pretty champion traveler, but this throws a whole different aspect into the picture. I plan to keep traveling even with kids, so I better get this whole thing figured out.

We get to go to a nice restaurant for lunch today. We're leaving the baby with friends and enjoying some grown-up time. I've wanted to go to this restaurant since our anniversary last August, so it better be good! It works out nicely that we're barely getting to go because the restaurant is now on With code FLAG, coupons are now 80% off. Hip hip for saving money! There are two good ethnic restaurants on the site for you town. Thai and Indian food make me happy.

We celebrated the long weekend on Saturday by hitting up our local grocery store that had a triple coupon promotion going on. If I were to become a couponer, I'd definitely need to get more organized. It was a mess, but we saved a good deal of money. I finally found an Indiana deal site that I like, so I was glad for the heads up on the coupon deal.

I'm going to go throw more stuff in the back bedroom to feel like I'm "packing." I'm accepting prayers on our behalf for traveling with an infant, so be sure to send them my way. We'll see you soon-- but it still doesn't seem soon enough!


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