Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going Tagless


We're adjusting to having the husband home a little more now that summer is here. It seems we fell into quite the morning routine last semester and he doesn't really fit in it. The boys are used to climbing in bed with me in the morning and fighting over Dad's pillow. Now when they climb in bed they wiggle their way onto his pillow and he gets the boot. I've been begging him to get rid of that pillow for years, but he insists he's never found a pillow worthy to replace it. I don't know what it is, but for some reason they all love that thing. I think its the dust mites.

Is it too early to put up Fourth of July decorations? My decor is in a weird limbo stage and I don't like it. If I put up the red, white, and blue right now it could span from Memorial Day to Labor Day, right?

I've slowly been compiling a list of everyday things that my kids will never get to experience. Like a rotary phone, or the dial on the TV. The other day my 2 year old discovered a tag in a shirt and asked me what it was. Then I realized most clothes, especially kid clothes, are tagless. Who would have thought those would go the way of the Dodo? Pretending to talk on a phone has come a long way from my days of play too. Its migrated from the thumb and pinky out, to now Boodle punches numbers onto his palm and holds his whole little hand up to his ear. What a little techy he is.

Old Navy is having another 50% off clearance sale. Although I don't think I shop at Old Navy much, I always seem to stumble upon that sale and replenish our closets for killer prices. One of my favorites of the sale is stocking up on baby items for later, because someone I know is always having a baby! Gymboree is having a sale this weekend too--everything is $12.99 or less!

Just 1 more week

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