Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Nik,

The birthday was good. A few people, including Mom, told me that they knew the husband would spoil me. He gave me this gel pen that had been left on an abandoned desk in his office for the past semester. It's a Kanuki (I can't find it online) and it's love. I'm obsessed with super fine point pens, and this one is smooth and thin. Perfect. That husband is one good gift giver. (I've been wanting to take it all semester, but he wouldn't let me.) Even better though? Baby Girl slept from midnight until six this morning! I definitely got spoiled.

We made a 10" springform pan worth of cake and didn't come home with any of it. I'll take that as a sign that it was "pretty good" (as that Dudey of yours would say). It was yummy, but I think I'm just as excited for the two half-quarts of ice cream and half box of peanut butter ice cream sandwiches still in the freezer. Trouble. Yummy trouble.

I got to venture out of the house all by myself today. I hit up the post office and Target. The new Garden of Love forever stamps are amazing. I think they are the first forever stamps that I really want to stock up on. Our post office just got them in today, so I recommend getting some before they're all out. It makes me wish I was sending out wedding invitations, just so I could use them on the invitations. I love bright, happy stamps. If you happen to get a letter with one of the Garden of Love stamps from me, you know you're loved. I think I might hoard them. You know how you're pretty much the queen of the post office? I think I'm at least a princess. I know when to use a flat-rate (heavy or dense objects) and when to pay for first-class shipping instead (big, but lighter, objects). You can save a few bucks if you know how to work it right.

We've got an 80 degree day here. Sorry for the cold there. You know what Mom always says, "If you're cold, you're not working hard enough." Sounds like you guys are pretty lazy in your neck of the woods. ;-)

Not long 'til we see each other. Will we still write each other blog-letters then?

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