Monday, May 23, 2011

We Be Sewing

Good Morning Deid,

Well you're a year older--how does it feel? How did the ice cream cake turn out for your party? We made some rhubarb crisp and celebrated from afar. Remember 9 years ago when I bought a car on your birthday--and you claimed I ruined your special day because the car wasn't for you?

Our thermometer says our house is 64 and my boys' purple lips say it isn't lying. The thought of turning on a heater is ridiculous. Rain is in the forecast for the next two days. It has been such a wet spring that I have moss growing in my flower pots. Moss! In the desert!

I'm sure you're aware, but once I start thinking and researching about a product it kind of consumes my life. Last week the Bernina store set me off and there would be no rest until I had made a decision on a new sewing machine. I looked at Berninas and Pfaffs, as they are they only two brands with dealers in the valley. And then found a barely used Viking Emerald 183 on I made yet another phone call to Mom, who being a Viking fan herself, encouraged me to just buy it already! After a week of bugging her about sewing machine brands and her holding back, she even broke down and admitted that she thinks Vikings are better than Berninas (funny how that never came up when I was considering a Bernina). I called about it and the husband insisted we make the 4 hour round trip drive right then to get it--so we did! I'm excited to try it out and see if I can blame the old machine for all my sewing mishaps, or if it really is just me. And in case you are wondering, it comes with more features than the Berninas and Pfaffs I was looking at but cost less!

Last night our BIL said he's starting to realize that Parish girls like "expensive things". He's wrong there, we like quality things, which could easily be read as expensive things I suppose. But there is a difference. We'll take cheap clothes and even cheap jewelry, but when it comes to investment items--its all about the quality.

We looked at a house on Friday, and while it wasn't the scariest thing we've seen it was the smelliest. Dudey walked around holding his shirt over his nose, begging us not to buy it. It was bank owned home and in need of new carpet to get rid of the pet smells and a fresh coat of paint. It was a big house with a finished basement, yard, garden spot and fruit trees so new carpet wasn't the deal breaker. But the evidence of mice in the basement was. New carpet and paint is easy enough, but assuring me that the mouse problem has been fixed isn't. Ugh.

Happy Monday!

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