Thursday, February 17, 2011

Results of Our Valentine Manners

Did you play along for the 5 weeks of Valentine manners and etiquette dinner?

Our boys did pretty well over the course of the 5 mini-lessons, but when faced with the final tests we experienced a few snags.

Saturday, we took them to a nice sit down restaurant. It wasn't anything fancy, but definitely a different atmosphere than home. After some consulting with Dad, our 5 year old gave his order to the server. Manners were being used and we had a nice conversation waiting for our meal. And we waited and waited and waited. Our server apologized for the delay several times. During the wait our 2 year old turned into a total monkey and was climbing under the table, laying on the floor. Basically he was behaving like a hungry two year old. The long wait was not an ideal situation for well behaved kids, but they did an okay job considering.

On Valentine's Day the boys and Dad fixed dinner and we sat down to a candlelit dinner. Which quickly turned into a spooky ghost story telling dinner. Not what I had in mind when I lit the candles, perhaps, but a fun time no less!

Where there ghost stories at your Valentine dinner?

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  1. Haha! That is so funny. We didn't have any ghost stories, but we had been practicing our dinner manners all month and I think it made them acr sillier than they usually are.. or maybe it was the large amounts of sugar they had eaten that day!