Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Packaging Repurposing

A few weeks ago Sister #2 called me with an idea for the blog. (We love ideas from our supportive family. I get several suggestions from my husband each week!) Our sister suggested showing some ways to re-use packaging.

I can't imagine why she'd think I would have anything to work with, considering a corner of my kitchen looked like this at the time! Thousands of miles apart and the family "media" hoarding is going strong!
Oatmeal canister, strawberry carton, two pickle jars, two peanut cans, pretzel tub, jar from medication, brown paper bags and cereal boxes!
My husband was so glad to see me put some of it to use. I've started a few tutorials, but I'm afraid that a bunch of it will be going toward robot parts for the Blue & Gold Banquet I'm in charge of decorating tomorrow. You can still look forward to a few posts over the next few weeks with ideas of how to put your recycling to use at a higher (and more attractive) level. Stay tuned to see how I re-purpose my trash and clean off my counter top!

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