Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday :: Spring Break Get-Away

Whether you're finishing up spring break or just beginning, here are some of my favorite things to make spring break a little more fun.

1 :: We love the Hotel Tonight app for last minute bookings. Hotel Tonight is just what it sounds like, bookings for tonight (some allow for booking multiple nights, but the first night has to be tonight), and with pretty good discounts. We love the ability to skip town on a whim with the perk of being able to choose what hotel you'll get. No mysteries, just last minute deals. Bonus: use code DHARTWELL and save $25 off your first night booking. Deal + discount = win!
2 :: Pharrell Williams' song Happy. Seems perfect for a spring break soundtrack. Or making the 5:00 hour seem not so bad. Either way.

3 :: Our Best Bites' Terriyaki Chicken Salad Sandwiches. A friend made these for a baby shower we recently co-hosted and they were so good! The fruit makes it feel fresh and springy.
4 :: These He is Risen printables from Jones Design Company. There is a ton included in the download and they are beautiful. A great addition to spring and Easter decorations, beyond the bunnies and chicks.
5 :: Cheerful wallpapers for your phone. These colorful ones from eat, drink, chic are particularly happy. It's tricky to choose your favorite two (I went with stripes and squares, but on second look, those polka dots are pretty tempting!)

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