Friday, November 29, 2013

Adding Some Spark to Your Mom Uniform

Most moms I know get used to dressing in a uniform. Before I had kids I developed my own personal winter uniform. Trouser-cut jeans, a solid colored long-sleeved tee and some sort of bold accessory, like a long necklace, dangly earrings or a scarf. Not the most imaginative, but it worked for me almost every day.

Truthfully, not much has changed with kids. The days I effortlessly put on a necklace, ring or fun earrings I feel so much more put together. Quickly putting on jewelry is so much easier than doing full-make up. My sweet eight month old is actually really gentle with jewelry, so I'm not afraid to make it part of my everyday style. (It feels silly to admit it, but since it's such a part of my style, I practice with my kids' hand being gentle on my dangling earrings or necklace and saying "oooooh" as we nurse. So far it's a trick that seems to work with both of them!) A mom has to do what she can to preserve her sense of style when her life is overtaken with kid demands!

My husband bought my engagement ring online from Shane Co, without ever having seen it in real life. It ended up being perfectly "me." The husband was pretty proud of himself. We bought our wedding bands from Shane Co as well. We love making trips to our local Shane Co every six months (around our yearly and six month anniversaries) to get our rings cleaned, polished, and, when needed, replated. Shane Co's lifetime guarantee is fabulous (they've replaced a prong on my ring that got a little abused), and we love treating ourselves to cookies and cocoa in their stores. My simple solitaire wedding set is the perfect starting point for accessorizing my outfits.

Building off my wedding ring, I like to put on other meaningful jewelry. These Capri necklaces from Shane Co are perfectly proportioned. Engraved with something personal (initials of your kids, a word of the year, or a family motto would all be sweet). They would go with almost anything, including more necklaces! Layer those babies on, with all different lengths, for a style that's all your own. I'm crushing on this beauty, also from Shane Co.

Direct from Italy, the Capri Necklace is available exclusively from Shane Co. Personalize your Capri Necklace with your initials or favorite saying.

Another meaningful piece I like is this CTR ring with Shane Co's sterling silver and sapphire line. CTR stands for Choose The Right, and it's a message I want to emulate every day, and one I want my kids to know, internalize and do. So wearing that pretty ring would be a great reminder that I have the ability to choose.

It's amazing what a little sparkle can do to an otherwise ordinary mom uniform outfit. Using jewelry with added meaning puts some personality into looking put-together.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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