Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Friday Finds :: Great Canning Resources

If you would like to start canning, but don't know where to start, here are five excellent places to look for inspiration. Before long, you might be hooked and preserving all the bounty you can get!

  1. A friend who cans. Canners love to share their knowledge, and having someone walk you through your first recipe can bolster your confidence enough to venture out on your own. Ask around and see if you have a friend who would be willing to help you get started or loan you some of their equipment.
  2. Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving (a great first step) or  Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving (for more info, recipes and methods). After a friend initiated me into the ways of canning on my own, without my mom, this was the next step. These books will show you the ropes, help define different terms—headspace? When to start timing a water bath processing? Fingertip tight? Adjusting for altitude? These books have you covered. And once you have the terminology mastered, canning is just like following any other recipe.
  3. Your local Cooperative Extension office. A fantastic resource for what's going on locally and most offer pressure canner testing, to put your mind at ease before venturing into pressure canning by making sure you're equipment is working well.
  4. Fresh Preserving. Another canning primer, a vast recipe database (searchable by all sort of different factors), troubleshooting, pectin calculator and more. 
  5. Food in Jars. Especially Beginning Water Bath Canning and Canning 101, which has answers to all sorts of questions. Marisa includes lots of new, unique and fresh ideas when it comes to canning recipes and products.

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