Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The February Blues

Hey Nikkala,

I've been planning for the February blues since November. I know that after all the holidays, then getting life back in order during January, February can be a downer. So I come prepared.

We jumped on several awesome stocking stuffer deals: passes to the indoor water park, indoor mini golf course and tokens to the arcade. I stockpiled all the bubble wrap our Christmas gifts shipped in, with the idea that we could have a big bubble popping party. I've got crafts ideas at the ready and home improvement ideas to keep us busy.

I started February at 5:30 this morning, waking up to an outside temp of 45°. Yesterday the high was almost 60°. We're supposed to be in the 50° range for the rest of the week. And I live in the midwest! It sure makes it easier to drag myself to 6:00 aerobics when I don't have to scrape my windshield, start the car early or bundle up.

I'm thinking the best cure for the February Blues might be nice moderate temperatures and some time outdoors. But if Mother Nature turns off nasty, like she's wont to do this month, I'm ready. I'm going to make it through February. 

If all else fails, I'll hoard Valentine's candy.


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