Friday, January 13, 2012

Hey Deid!

I got a very practical git for Christmas! One that I've been asking for since Mother's Day, but the husband didn't understand the reasoning behind. It's a little battery powered Bissell Lift-Off. It took me 7 months to convince him I wanted such a "stupid little vacuum". He kept trying to talk me into something bigger, something more powerful, something more heavy. Finally, I got through to him that this wasn't for me. No, no this was for the boys. So it needed to be light and easy to use, and I didn't really care if it didn't have the best sucking power because I wasn't planning on using it.

And well, it has worked out beautifully. A broom is kind of difficult for little people to use, but this vacuum is a breeze. They vacuum after meals, when they make spills, they've vacuumed the stairs and the couch cushions. And not only do they vacuum, but they like to!

So really, the vacuum wasn't the gift.

This is!



  1. I love this! My girls still will do chores for me cheerfully if vacuuming or sweeping is one of them. Both great gifts :)