Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I know you have been a fan of Bar Keepers Friend for a while, but I was just converted last night. It worked fine on our stainless sink in the apartment, but our house has a porcelain kitchen sink. And I can't seem to keep it clean, no matter how many I wipe it down. Every pan leaves a mark and last night it was looking rather bad. So I pulled our Bar Keepers Friend and it worked a miracle! My sink is spot free of all pan markings and dinginess!

The husband became a fan of the stuff when we were moving and needed to get the rust spots left by my planter brackets off the white vinyl fence. He found it under the sink and still sings its praise for saving the fence.


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  1. isn't it wonderful?! i was converted when i got married. that's all my husband would use, and i, being a stubbor, comet user, didn't believe of it magical powers -- but it really is so awesome! i love, love my clean sink and shower, among other things.