Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi Deid!

How do you introduce yourself to new people, "Hi, I like to.....?"

I joined in on a Girls Night Out a few nights ago and when they asked me what I like to do, I froze.

It's not like I don't have hobbies, but "uhhhh" seemed like a much better answer than rattling off the things I enjoy doing, but don't consider myself to be especially proficient at. They tried to help me out by then asking, "If you had an hour to yourself and your house was clean, what would you do?"

The fact that we have a serious case of house project ADD going on with more projects started than finished, just the thought of actually having a clean house with everything it it's rightful spot again threw me for a loop.

So pretty much I left them thinking I have no talents or interests. And I don't think that is accurate, but that's what I gave them to work with.

I'm sure in the last year you've been able to introduce yourself often and I'm wondering what you say your interests are when asked?

Oh and if you have any suggestions how I should answer that question, I'm in obvious need of help.

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  1. As for answering the question I have no idea (when I first moved into this ward the RS presidency came over and asked me that same question with some others and it felt like I was on an interview and I couldn't think of one thing that I wanted to say!) When your house gets in order I know you will invite them over for a GNO and then when they see your house and start asking where you got the pillows/dresser/canned goods/decorations/garden/kitchen/clothes (I might have missed a couple!) they will soon find out all about your hobbies and interests! I wish I lived by you and all your greatness! As for the Halloween candy post. . Amen!