Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Candy

Hey Nik,

Sadly, I've never canned spaghetti sauce, so I don't have anything to offer you. But my husband is more than intrigued by the zucchini pineapple action. Maybe next year our zucchini will grow and we'll have to try it out. Though feel free to test it out first!

Since stores are now stocking the shelves with all things fall and Halloween (and a little bit of Christmas, too), I've been thinking about Halloween candy. Kids who come knockin' on our door will be getting Halloween pencils I scored after the holiday last year at Target. Not too exciting, but I figure it's something useful, right?

Which brings me to my thoughts about Halloween candy. It can get expensive! And no one wants to be the house that hands out candy corn or Tootsie Rolls, so if you're going candy, you'll probably go good candy. And that can get pricey in a hurry.

Last November, when I read lots of mommy blogs talking about how to get rid of their kids' Halloween candy, I was appalled! Do we really live in a society where you can go hoard all the candy your little bucket can hold, then throw half of it away the next day? It strikes me as greedy, and then ridiculously wasteful. I'm all for gathering candy, then moms squirreling it away for bribe treats, lunch box surprises, road trip fuel, handing it out later to goblins and ghosts knocking on your door, whatever. But to allow your kid to go trick or treating, taking candy people spent good money on, and then throwing it away is so messed up.

Am I alone in this? I can't decide if it comes from living in the country and having Mom and Dad drive us around trick-or-treating, so they always knew how much candy we had. And with so much distance between stops, we were never coming home with a pillow case full. So we were free to eat what we collected. Maybe my issue just comes from a desire to reduce waste and seeing our society as incredibly wasteful.

I hope this year parents are more responsible. If they have issues with their children eating so much candy, why not limit the amount collected in the first place? Put limits on the greed and show some restraint.

Save the Snickers for those of us parents with infants, gathering candy for our own enjoyment!

image and candy bark recipe found here

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