Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home Again

Hey Nik,

So, I was thinking the other day about our childhood imaginary friends. I don't know why it makes me laugh so hard, but it does. Maybe I'll should start calling you Bonna.

The husband and I went out to the shop today and did some welding. The world hasn't seen attractive if they haven't seen me in my welding get-up. Dad's work boots, Mom's "mom pant" work jeans, an over-sized t-shirt, one of Dad's hideous Wrangler shirts, a welding hat and welding hood. It's hard to be that good looking. At least I found a matching pair of gloves that fit me. That's a miracle in that shop!

One of the few things I wanted to do while we are home was water ski. Too bad for me the weather has been poor and the river is so high and dirty. Missing the chance this trip means no water skiing for me for the year. I mean, I doubt I get any runs while we're home for Christmas. Maybe I'll just have to make an early fall trip happen? I can dream. Maybe it would be easier to make friends with someone who has a boat.

The lightening bugs should be out when you come to visit. I love catching them. The first time I caught one I stuck my hand out and snatched one mid-air. I thought catching all of them would be easy-peasy. The husband and I had a date night and tried catching them in Mason jars. They were so much harder to catch than my initial snag had made it seem. But running around the yard/park (this was when we lived outside of DC) and watching each other lunging after bugs was awesome. I can't wait to catch some and let your boys use them as night lights when you come to visit!

I think I'm going to try copying as many things off your summer to-do list as will work in our neck of the woods. And I'm adding on "popsicle party," too! I think a popsicle party is the perfect summer party. Hot weather, lots of popsicles and let the kids get sticky!


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