Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey Deid,

Grandma's Camp 2011 started today! You should have seen the super excited, super wired grandkids last night when we rendezvoused with Grandma and Grandpa at the drop-off. If you're on the ball, miss Millie can join the fun in 2 years! Unless after this year with my Boodle Grandma decides to up the requirement to more than just potty trained grandkids. It could happen.

This year Grandma has a dinosaur theme planned, and my 5 year old may give Grandma a lesson in dinosaurs. I had to limit him to one pocket of the bag for his dinosaurs. T-Rex didn't make the cut, his tail was just too big. That's okay, Dudey has always preferred the plant eaters anyway.

I spent my kid-free morning cleaning the house. The plan is that without "helpers" it should remain clean for 3 days. No fingerprints on the TV, no pee splatters in the bathroom, no sticky mess under the table. If the husband can't fall inline then he best be finding a hotel room until Friday, cause I'm looking forward to a low maintenance tidy house until then. I forget how easy it was to keep a clean house when I was single and before I had a two year old. Just you wait--Millie Moo will be two someday.

Now I'm off to the gym and then a lunch date with the husband in celebration of our 7th anniversary!


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