Wednesday, June 1, 2011

En Route


Forgive the typos in advance. This is my first time mobile blogging. And mobile blogging I am. I'm walking through the terminal in Seattle. I'm like a teenager. The only problem is that I keep thinking I'm going to walk into a pole. It's really just the husband when he slows down in front of me.

It's a good thing Seattle isn't our final destination. We don't have enough The North Face to fit in. I can't believe how much outerwear I've seen. And wool sweaters! It's no secret grungy granolas make me happy.

Baby Girl was a champ on the first flight. I told our seatmate she was an angel-- he accused me of being biased. By the end of the flight I think I had him convinced I was an impartial judge. She was so good. I'm hoping the trend holds and we've got a champion traveler on our hands.

We jut walked past a restaurant that had a rhubarb drink menu out. I had to take a peek. Most were alcoholic, but they had a strawberry-rhubarb lemonade. Doesn't that sound so good? I'm planning on experimenting when I get ahold of Mom's rhubarb. Yum!

Will you post your summer ideas? We might need some suggestions (though I'm sure some are location specific).

All right, it's almost time for the last leg. The in-laws are SO excited to see this baby. They've already told us they're sitting in the backseat once they pick us up from the airport (I totally called it, too).


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  1. I waved out my window when I read you are at the Seattle airport. . Brad is just down the street from there this week :) Have a great trip. . new babies and seeing family is the best.