Monday, June 27, 2011

Guess who's going to be roadtripping? We have our route and hotel rooms booked to come and see you! The calculations are coming back at 49 hrs 39 min of driving time. That's a hecka long time in the car. Here's hoping our boys do better in the car than you do!

This weekend we stole away on a quick trip to Island Park. When we were almost there, and the boys had lost patience, I figured that the trip to your house is only 8 times longer than that....I don't know if we'll make it.

Our itinerary is:
Day 1: Utah to Cheyenne, WY
Day 2: Cheyenne, WY to Merrillville, IN
Day 3: Indiana Dunes
Day 3-5: Your house
Day 6-7: Nauvoo, IL
Day 8: Nauvoo, IL to Denver, CO
Day 9: Denver, CO to home.

We're going through Wyoming and Nebraska and coming home via Kansas and Colorado. I hear both ways are super boring but we decided we'll see different boring country just to mix it up.

Any must sees along our way? Any tips for long roadtrips with kids? We'll have electronic distractions to help entertain the boys when we get desperate, but just like at home we try to limit their screen time in the car. I've heard pipe cleaners provide great entertainment, and I like your idea of listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and letting the kids pick out a chocolate every time we fill up. I know I'll need a full bag of tricks to keep them happy on the way there, and even a bigger bag for the way home.

Send me your ideas!

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