Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Mom

Hey Deid,

How was your first Mother's Day? I'm sure Millie Moo and her dad took good care of you! Don't be jealous but I got a necklace that says "World's Best Mom" and a singing card. My boys love those things, but they sure get annoying fast. This one sings, "My mom is a Super Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" I tried finding it online so you could listen, but no luck. I wore my necklace to church with pride. But really they should have saved the gifts for today. As I was cleaning the lotion off my scriptures, a magazine, the lamp shade, and night stand (all thanks to the little one), my older one started screaming for me to hold him. Finally, I yelled back asking what he needed and learned that he was stuck. Yep, his knee was wedged between the rails of the bunkbed. Long story short, I ended up taking the rail off to free his little knee. Now who's the super mom?

Smooch on that baby girl for me.

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