Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It seems like Pinterest is everywhere in the blog world. So we're surprised when talking to our friends and they ask, "Pinterest? What's that?"

If you're not familiar, let us introduce you. Pinterest is a virtual corkboard. But unlike a real corkboard, it tracks sources and allows for much easier sharing. It allows for multiple boards. Say you're looking for bathroom renovation inspiration, so anytime you find something that tickles your fancy, you can pin it to your "Bathroom inspiration" board. Or if you're planning a wedding you can have a "Cake inspiration" board. Or if you're a quilter you can pin inspiring colors or patterns. Pinterest allows you to customize for your maximum inspiration.

I love that Pinterest allows me to pin during the course of my regular time wasting blog surfing. With the handy tool bar button installed, I can pin whenever the inspiration strikes, without having to leave behind the page I'm viewing.

Pinterest doesn't have an app or bookmark capabilities for iPhones quite yet (only lucky iPad users get that at the moment). But during one of my middle of the night feedings I stumbled on this tutorial. I now have a way to pin one-handed while feeding my baby! I suggest it if you're a iPhone user who wants to pin on the go.

Both Nikkala and I pin. Feel free to follow us. Nikkala here and me here.

If you'd like an invite to join, just leave a comment on this post with your email and we'll send one your way!

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