Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing Bread in Strawberry Containers

Can I just tell you how glad I am to have clever sisters? This idea comes from Sister #2 and it's a great way to re-use those empty strawberry containers!

Last week we enlisted some help from a friend with a van in order to pick up our new crib. We'd tried earlier and our car was about four inches too narrow. Oops! Good thing for friends with bigger cars.

Start by washing out your strawberry container, then peeling off the strawberry packaging labels. A little water and dish soap go a long way in getting off that sticky mess. 
I had just made bread, so I set aside one loaf to show our appreciation to our friend. I cut some parchment paper to fit and nestled in the loaf of bread (made in a 5.75"x3" loaf pan). You could easily use some patterned paper under the parchment, but it was for a guy and I knew he really didn't care how cute it was wrapped up-- just that there was bread inside! I wrapped it up in some ribbon, punched a scalloped circle from adhesive paper and jotted down a quick thank you note. The sticker did double duty: holding the ribbon in place and hiding the spot where the last bit of stubborn adhesive from the strawberry label stuck.

There are so many ways you could vary this idea. Instead of a yeast bread, you could give a loaf of fruity quick bread (perhaps with a small container of strawberry butter),  use patterned paper under the parchment or use a pretty glassine instead, wrap it up with a big bow, or let the kids decorate it with stickers.

There are so many possibilities for re-using containers. Look for new ways to use containers before you throw them away!

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