Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hide the Homie

Homie, Homie, who's got the Homie?

Hide the Homie is a simple game that has become a family tradition--everyone likes to find the Homie. And I just like to say Homie.

This game goes back to Deidra's high school days, when one of her friends introduced her to his family's Homie. Back then (maybe still today?) you could buy these little plastic Homies from the quarter machines at KMart. They're only 2" or so tall, and the game is to hide and find the Homie. The finder re-hides him without anyone knowing and you aren't supposed to "look" for the Homie. You should just happen upon them, the Homie is a happy surprise waiting to be found.

Sure it sounds kind of lame, but soon our family had a Homie of our own . Shortly after we were married Deidra gave our new little family our very own Homie. Here he is.
He's survived several moves and recently our boys have found the fun in hiding and finding the Homie. No, he hasn't been splashed with mud, that's peeling paint. What can I say, the guy's been around for a long time.

 Can you find the Homie?
There he is, just hanging out waiting to be found! My boys love, love, love to be the one that finds the Homie. And it kills them when they know where he is hiding and no one has found him yet.

Who would have thought a simple little thing could bring so much excitement to a home? Do you have simple and/or dumb games that you just love to play?

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  1. I now kinda want to steal this idea...Brilliant!