Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Run for the Roses


Phew! We are having one of those afternoons at our house and I know it is all self-imposed! You see, a few weeks ago I got a phone call asking me to bring a "fancy" cake to our ward's Relief Society birthday dinner tonight.

I've spent the last few weeks looking for ideas and recipes--because I would much rather eat a yummy cake than a pretty one covered in nasty frosting or fondant. I've finally settled on this lemon cake decorated with roses like this. I envision it being beautiful and delicious...if all goes as planned.

Last week, a friend said she had baked her cake and put them in the freezer for today. That's not my style, I'd much rather run around frantically and have everything go wrong and be a crazy mess than to start days in advance. But definitely not because it is me at my finest. Just ask my kids. Or my husband, who called at 10 this morning to see if I needed help with the cake. Oh he knows me so well!

That's why I started the entire cake process just a bit ago, and if you notice the recipe says it takes 4 hours. I'm really hoping to have it all done in 3.5 hours since the party starts in exactly 4 hours from my start time. Nothing like cutting it close!

And in case you were wondering, no I've never used this recipe or made roses like that before. So this is both the trial run and final project. Apparently knowing how to follow a recipe and owning the right tip are all I think I need.

Wish me luck!


  1. Eeeeek! Good luck. And I'm REALLY sorry I'll miss it!

  2. Oh yeah, Wednesday's are Isaac's late days huh.
    Get this, it's not even 5, I have a beautiful cake all frosted and in the fridge. It was even easier than I expected. Really easy. Now just not to drop it on my way to the church...

  3. Yeah. I'm not expecting him until nearly 7 tonight. Sad.

    Don't drop and don't let the rain get it! And yay for easy! (I want to see a pic...)

  4. I want to see pictures of this cake. Fun!

  5. I want to see a picture too! I love it. Not something I am patient enough for, so I will just call you to frost if necessary!