Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

Pie-opener1.jpgSince celebrating it in ninth grade geometry, Pi Day (3.14) has been a favorite quirky holiday to observe. Lucky for us now, we have lots of nerdy engineer friends who observe!

We'll be celebrating tonight by eating lots of pie at a friend's Pi Day party. If we didn't have other obligations tonight we'd be eating some homemade chicken pot pie, too.

Around our house, Kentucky Derby pie is the all-time favorite. Pecan pie + chocolate chunks--what's not to love? I use the recipe from here, substituting pecans for walnuts. Husband loves pecans, so despite what the recipes says, we've never tried walnuts. This pie is best served cooled, so the chocolate chips set up. And though I don't advocate the use of refrigerated pie crusts, I won't judge you much if you use one. But with cold fats, ice water and a food processor, a homemade crust comes together easily.

amazing stack of pie found here

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