Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fixing Up Dinner:: Fish Tacos

Let's face it, eating out costs money. And since we rarely get out without the kids, it really isn't that much fun either. Unless you think repeatedly pulling a two year old off the table is fun. I don't. So eating out costs money and it isn't usually fun with a couple of pre-schoolers in tow. But when Friday night rolls around I don't want to cook. For some reason in my little head I'm still associating Friday night to date night (sometimes it still is!), and I'm not ready to give in to it being like every other night.

So when take-out isn't happening, I've come up with a list of our favorite restaurant items made with ingredients from the freezer. Here's one of our go-to Friday night-almost at a restaurant-options.

First, cook up some fish sticks. Yep, Van de Kamps on a Friday night. I still associate fish sticks with my Friday night babysitting gig in 1993. Fish sticks and tater tots. Don't worry, this is so much classier!
Now place a few fish sticks on a warm tortilla. Have you ever ordered fish tacos? Most of the time the fish is breaded cod. Um, that's what fish sticks are. We've used left over salmon, too, and it is delicious as well. We just don't have left over salmon hanging around very often.

Top with some chopped cabbage.

And finish it off with mango salsa! If you don't have mangoes on had you can top with lemon juice, or go for the tartar sauce like my husband.

It really couldn't be easier! While my husband and I are dining on fish tacos and mango salsa the boys are in heaven eating their fish sticks. Its a win-win dinner!

Fish Tacos
fish sticks, cooked according to package
chopped cabbage
mango salsa

Mango Salsa
chopped mango
chopped tomato
chopped cilantro
juice from either a lime or a lemon

This is the first post in the series, Fixing Up Dinner, dedicated to taking boring convenience foods and turning them into a tempting restaurant menu item.

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