Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Creating Creativity

Heather Bailey's Studio via Flickr
I remember reading an interview with Heather Bailey where she said nothing in her craft room is off limits to her kids. They are allowed to use whatever they want-without limitations.

That statement left me with all sorts of feelings--jealousy of the Bailey kids.Can you imagine free reign in Heather Bailey's craft room! Oh the possibilities! Then I thought how there was no way I would ever give my boys that kind of freedom--what if they used something I was saving, or something expensive? What if they made a mess? Really, it would be a waste of fine crafting supplies.

And that is when I realized Heather Bailey's kids would grow up to be creative and know how to sew and make cute little animals, and most importantly they wouldn't be afraid to try. Mine? Well, they would be paralyzed with the fear of "wasting" supplies. Afraid to try.

I wish I could say from that day forward my kids were granted freedom in the craft room, but they weren't. My craft budget is much, much smaller than I picture Heather Bailey's being. Instead, I pick up inexpensive supplies that my kids can use whenever they want. Most only cost a dollar. Dollar stores, Target's dollar spot, and Micheal's and JoAnn's dollar bins provide a good selection. Back to school sales in August provide good prices for glue sticks, markers, crayons, and construction paper. They are allowed to use my decorative scissors and punches, which, to a 5 year old is pretty awesome!

I'm not ready to have a craft-off with the Baileys, but do feel that I'm trying a little harder to instill creativity in my kids.

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