Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chicken Coop


Every once in a while a bribe turns into a lot larger project than you ever imagined! Last spring I promised our boys if they were good while we ran errands we would stop and look at the baby chicks....

As you can guess, we left with 4 little fluff balls that have turned into family pets. For a while they lived in a cardboard box in the garage with a heat lamp, but all too quickly they were growing and we knew the garage wasn't going to work for much longer. Using as many supplies as we could find in the corner of the garage, my husband designed this coop, accommodating as many of my requests as he could.

With some insistence it not be a square, he cut a star in the front for ventilation. I love it.

My husband built a cheerful external laybox on the back (because I hated going inside the chicken coop to gather eggs when I was growing up). He built it off the ground with the run going under the coop to keep the footprint small.

The flower box and flowers planted around the coop make it a cute spot in our yard and a comfortable place for our 4 little omelet makers to live.

My little impulse buy turned into more work for the whole family, but have given us a project to work onto together.

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