Monday, July 29, 2013

16 Low-Cost and Low-Effort Ways to Soak Up Summer

The end of summer is coming quickly. Whether you had a grand bucket list to guide your summer agenda or are just realizing how fast it's flying by, here are 16 ways to soak up the last drops of summer. And bonus! They don't require much planning or preparing ahead of time!

  1. Eat a snow cone, popsicle or ice cream cone outside.
  2. Start a water fight (even if it's just a cup of water thrown on an unsuspecting victim).
  3. Play at the park.
  4. Take in a movie matinee.
  5. Visit a gardener's market—the later in the summer, the more bountiful the harvest!
  6. Sleep in, then watch cartoons while eating breakfast.
  7. Thumb through a light, fun read.
  8. Eat a grilled meal, al fresco.
  9. Pick fruits or vegetables at a U-Pick farm (find one in your area here).
  10. Cool off at the library one afternoon.
  11. Lie on a blanket watching the clouds float by, the leaves blow in the breeze, or the bugs crawl in the grass. Extra points for falling asleep and taking a nap!
  12. Do a CANNONBALL! at the pool.
  13. Send a letter to a pen-pal. Even if it's just Grandma! 
  14. Write happy messages with sidewalk chalk or homemade sidewalk paint.
  15. Go on an evening bike ride.
  16. Make a mix of your favorite summer songs. Then have a dance party.
Make the most of your summer and come back soon for some great back-to-school ideas!

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