Friday, September 7, 2012

Trash Talking Onesie

 Pinned It: Taking pins and using them!

Last week I saw this burp cloth via Pinterest just as the husband was walking in the door after work. I loved it so much and I knew the perfect candidate for one of his own.
Not only is he a spitter, but his dad is a superfan. Maybe not a paint-his-body-blue-and-stand-out-in-subzero-temperatures superfan, but still a superfan.
The very next day I came up with this version:

The hardest part was deciding which opponent to feature, but since our Aggies are playing Utah tonight it had to be the Utes. But there's probably a Cougar one in his future too!

I cut it out using my Silhouette. And using the freezer paper method, I stenciled it onto a onesie for the little guy.

Go Aggies!

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