Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Basement Refresh

Object: Spend as little $ as possible.

I'm so excited to share our basement with you! After 10 months of nothing on the walls I used Deid and Chris's visit as motivation to change that. Nothing like a deadline to get things accomplished! We had worked hard to brighten up this part of the house. It started out like this:

For reals. Scary city.

We textured and painted over the paneling, but after it was done I wasn't in love with my paint choice (Valspar Azure Snow). I was going for a bluish-grey, but it felt a little baby boy-ish to me once it was on the walls. Honestly, there was no way I was going to repaint and it was either a happy accident, or just wasn't a bad pick to begin with. Cause it turned out looking good in the end with the pops of color on it.
I had planned to make a large gallery wall on the end, and painted all of my black frames white to use. Only after they were painted did I realize a gallery wall wasn't going to work. But I did have a lot of white frames to work with. So we hung 2 shelves we had kicking around from our apartment days and I pulled pieces from the depths of the craft room to create this:
And I love how bright and cheery it turned out! The little room on the right is the toy room, and the toys naturally overflow into this part of the house. I guess we could call this the play room. And these colors are very conducive to play, but I think it still looks like adults could hang out here too.

I don't know what it says about me that I had most of this stuff tucked away (although I did print off a couple of the prints here at home) but it was so fun to be able to decorate with what I already had. There are benefits to never throwing things away.

Pink frame Poppy Seed Projects
We Can Do Hard Things, by me
Bird from the dollar store and painted pink
Chalkboard tray, a gift from my mom

Art in the pink frame was the back of a card 
Paper mache pig from Michael's and painted green
Picture of Old Main, by me
Stars are from Pier 1, received as a gift years ago

I did pick up 2 frames at the thrift store for a dollar each, bringing my total for this wall to $2!

We still need to add more pillows to the day bed and work on the other end of the room, but for now I'm declaring this space a success!

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