Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paint Chip Notebooks

Hey Nik,

You know how I'm terrible at surprises, right? Well, here I go again, ruining one. I'm just so enamored I have to share!

My most "re-pinned" pin on pinterest is this one, for paint chip notebooks. I snagged some paint chips while we were out buying weather-stripping and insulation on Saturday. Thank you, Lowe's.

Easiest little "bonus" gift ever. I used my paper cutter to cut my paper 2.75" x 2" (the two inch cuts going across the 8.5" side) and I ended up with very little waste.

Even with my itty-bitty miniature stapler I was able to get quite a few sheets in and still staple them.

So, when you, the other two sisters, mom and everyone else I know get a paint chip notebook for Christmas, act surprised, okay? I plan on sneaking one in just about every gift that isn't already wrapped under the tree. They were quick, easy, cheap, and those colors make me so happy! I highly recommend stealing this idea and slipping one or two in with your teacher or neighbor gifts. They'll be perfect to keep in a purse, church bag, or for writing little notes back and forth.

I think I might need to make another Lowe's run today.


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