Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Flowers

Hey Nik,

I picked some flowers recently and lined them up in little vases in our window sill. They are a little bit of sunshine in our otherwise gray and rainy yard. Add in the bouquet the husband brought to the airport and I've got flowers in several rooms of the house. It doesn't get much better.


Our marigolds are bushes and I didn't miss any of the flowers that I snipped off. I tucked in yellow leaves from our tulip tree. (Remember when it was in bloom?) Added in black-eyed Susans and some pansies and I have myself some mini arrangements.


I'm a huge fan of these vases (under $5 at Target for the set of four), because they make meager flowers look better. I guess it's all in the repetition. They make my window sill cheery. And the flowers inspired me to wash my window. A clean window and flowers. Yet I still don't want to stand at the sink to wash dishes-- go figure!


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