Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Well, visitors just left, but the sheets are washed and the bed made up again for our third batch of visitors this summer. With some friends leaving this evening and his parents getting in tonight, the husband asked, "Are we going to wash the sheets for my parents?"

Since we offer nothing but the finest air mattress accommodations, we totally washed the sheets. Classy, aren't we?

Mom and Dad always make it seem like a special occasion when we come home. I love Mom's fresh flowers in the bedrooms and Dad's folding the toilet paper ends into a point.

We've got some treats stocked, water bottles and clean sheets. I think I'll go clip some flowers for the spare room. Do you have any other little thoughtful touches that make house guests feel welcome? Or am I your only house guests and I'm good enough at making myself at home that you don't have to worry? In that case, any touches that say, "Next time, stay with the other sister?" :)

Don't let the beach go to your head. This is [probably] your last one for the summer...

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